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Launchpads to support STEM/STEAM learning and grow creativity.

Early Literacy

Reading and literacy tools for kids age 3+.

Award Winners

Apps recognized for excellence by academics, industry experts, teachers, and parents.

Super Packs

SuperPacks - Kids

Super fun Launchpads with 2x more apps.

Summer Reading

Stories and apps to help build reading and language skills.

Math For K-6th

Tools for learning early education math concepts.

English Language Arts for K-6th

English Language Arts for kids in Grades K-6


Interactive eBooks for early readers.

Language Learning

Multi-sensory learning tools for multiple languages.

Kindergarten Readiness

Fun learning tools to prepare kids for kindergarten.

Summer Slide

Activities to help boost summer learning.

Life Skills

Storybooks, activities, and games to nurture growth and awareness.

Learning Explorers

Launchpads filled with fun, adventure, exploration, and learning.

Brain Play

Activities, games, and puzzles to challenge or relax the brain.

Learning with Favorite Characters

Kids love to learn with their favorite characters.