The All-In-One Audiobook

What's not to love about Playaway

Playaway in library setting

When it comes to audiobook formats, Playaway easily tops the list with its High Definition Audio and simple, portable all-in-one format. Unlike CDs, Audio Cassettes or Downloads, Playaway does not need a separate player. Playaway comes pre-loaded and ready to use with HD Audio content and a battery—making it simple for your patrons to use and your library to circulate.

The audiobook format for everyone (and we mean everyone)!

  • Kids can pair a Playaway with the print edition of a book to improve literacy, comprehension, and retention. Playaway levels the playing field and creates equal access to books for all kids.
  • Seniors can integrate audiobooks into their active lifestyle, without the need for special equipment or technical knowledge, and their audiobook format isn't limited to the car or CD player.
  • Visually impaired patrons are no longer confined to a large player in order to enjoy audiobooks. Playaways have been successfully integrated into public libraries and libraries for the blind to provide a unique way to listen to books.
  • Busy moms, hurried business travelers, and on-the-go professionals will love that they now have a format that can be enjoyed without the need for electricity or content transfer.
Playaways on a bookshelf

The easiest way to circulate audio

  • Budget-friendly, low cost per circ (over 1,000 times per title!)
  • Frees staff time, low maintenance (no pieces or parts to get lost or damaged)
  • No risk of obsolescence when the next piece of technology comes out
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with Playaway's one-year replacement warranty.
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What you get

Every Playaway comes pre-loaded with the given title in circulation-friendly orange packaging and includes one AAA battery.

Playaway Packaging Specs pdf

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