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Water Your World!, 2nd ed.

Water Your World!, 2nd ed.

Popular Kids' Characters - Ages 3+

Kids will eat up all sorts of new knowledge about math, reading, creativity, memory, music, and more with this wide assortment of educational games featuring award-winning apps and children's favorite characters.

- Explore healthy eating habits and safety
- Develop language and vocabulary skills
- Practice matching, sorting, and categorizing
- Read along with interactive storybooks

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

A Day with Caillou
Join Caillou in this fun and fantastic adventure! Learn with Caillou as he moves throughout his day with all sorts of activities--play in the park, learn about eating habits and safety, practice numbers, letters, spelling and much, much more!

Anytime Foods - The Feelingwells
Bebe and her dad are going on a picnic and Bebe has overpacked their picnic basket! With her dad's help, Bebe takes out the unhealthy snacks and leaves only anytime foods - or healthy snacks you can eat at any time. Tune in to learn more about healthy eating!

Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Play inside the story and interact with all the characters and words with Arthur’s Teacher Trouble. Read and play along as Arthur learns to cope with his strict new teacher, Mr. Ratburn and compete in a school-wide Spelling Bee. Will he study hard for the competition? How will he do?

Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight
Read and play along with Brother and Sister as a little morning grumpiness turns into an all-day fight. Even a noisy storm can’t stop them from arguing and fighting. Do they even remember why they are fighting? Can anything make them stop?

Miffy's World
Based on the beloved picture books created by artist Dick Bruna, and the worldwide hit TV series: Miffy is brought to life in a gentle and beautiful 3D interactive app. Children will discover surprises in everyday activities through play, while exploring , discovering, and listening to stories!

My Little Pony: Cutie Pox
An interactive My Little Pony storybook that presents valuable lessons on patience, honesty and understanding feelings. Getting your cutie mark is part of growing up in Equestria and earning this signifies a pony has discovered his or her special talent to shine and make a difference. Some of the ponies cannot wait to find out who they truly are, but one pony becomes impatient and decides to take things into her own hooves, but see what happens when she is stricken by a myterious ailment. Emerging readers can practice skills, introduce new vocabulary, and test problem solving by listening along or reading independently. Featuring highlighted word pronunciation to help young readers build confidence.

Octonauts and the Whale Shark
Solve puzzles, practice math, letters, matching, and much more while helping the Octonauts rescue their friend Dashi from the belly of the whale shark.

The Sound Song
Sing along with Thomas & Friends and listen to some of the sounds you'll hear on this trip! Explore the sounds as the whistles blow and the engines roar! Speakaboos’ parent app, HOMER, is a proven early learning program that builds personalized learning plans for children ages 2-8 - complete with this story and others like this!

Tonka: Trucks Around Town
This app allows the little TONKA driver discover the exciting world of TONKA trucks in a whole new way! A combination of "physics fun" and problem solving situations makes each "job" a TONKA adventure. Drive and discover different parts of the town with five of the most popular TONKA vehicles, each highly detailed with workable features.

$164.99 Unit Price

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ISBN: 9798822681958
SKU#: LP003041
Audience: Pre-K, Kindergarten
Genre: Life Skills
Release Date: Feb. 25, 2024
Pack Type: Theme-Based
Warning: Choking Hazard
Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.