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They're Multiplying!, 2nd ed.

They're Multiplying!, 2nd ed.

Multiplication - Ages 8-10, Grades 3-5

Kids will build their multiplication skills as they work their way through games, challenges, flash cards, and other interactive learning tools.

- Master times tables
- Learn single and double digit multiplication
- Explore multiplication properties
- Build confidence

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

2x2=4 - Fun Times Tables
Offering multiplication tables in a fun and interesting way! Two kinds of arithmetic operations including multipication and division and three levels of complexity so children can repeat and learn.

Advanced Multiplication
Cool Math for children is a fun game to learn and practice double-digit multiplication.

Basic Multiplication
This math learn-and-practice app helps children learn multiplication of two-digit numbers by single-digit numbers.

Math Pop Grade 4
Math Pop - 4th Grade is the most fun and engaging way to practice math problems aligned to the Common Core Standards. By practicing math, players earn coins that they can spend on a super fun game - Aqua Ride. The adaptive algorithm makes the app a great learning experience for kids at all learning levels.

Multiplication Blocks
Multiply your skills with this fast-paced puzzler! Tap on connected digit blocks to equal the falling target block.

Multiplication Flash Card Quiz and Match Games
Building math skills and learning to multiply has never been more fun! Children can select a multipler and skill level for practice through flash cards, quizzes and matching equations.

Multiplication Table
This math app for children explains multiplication tables while teaching memorization methods.

The Parrots Multiplication Game
The Parrots Multiplication Game is set out to familiarize first, second and third graders with the concept of multiplying numbers. Children will gain an understanding of elementary arithmetic and basic alegebra in a fun and engaging way/

Treasure Dash Math: Multiplication
Learning multiplication is fun with Treasure Dash Math! This app is for beginning to intermediate level multiplication learners, and is aligned with Common Core Standards. Students learn multiplication concepts (including interpreting arrays and multiplication properties), practice multiplication problems, and apply their knowledge to real-life situations with word problems.

What Is Multiplication
This Cool Math learn and practice app for children helps users understand what multiplication is - it is repeated addition.

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ISBN: 9781094255606
SKU#: LP002245
Audience: Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5
Genre: Math
Release Date: Sept. 27, 2019
Featured Collection: Math for K-6th
Pack Type: Subject-Based
Warning: Choking Hazard
Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.