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Playdate with Transformers and Friends!

Playdate with Transformers and Friends!

Popular Kids' Characters - Ages 3-5, Pre-K to K

Favorite characters from My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers, and more will lead kids into a world filled with stories that focus on building reading skills, values, and creativity.

- Strenthen imagination
- Read along with books or independently
- Develop early literacy skills
- Improve reading comprehension

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

Care Bears: Care Karts
We’ve got trouble in Care-a-Lot today, and the Care Bears need help! The mischievous Beastly has ‘borrowed’ something special from each of your favorite Care Bears—Cheer Bear, Wonderheart Bear, Bedtime Bear, Share Bear, Grumpy Bear and Funshine Bear. Beastly thinks no one can catch him in his souped-up car! But what he DOESN’T know is that with help, we’re going to build some wheels of our own—our own Care Bears Care Karts—and chase him down!

Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Style
An interactive storybook starring Blythe Baxter and all the favorite pets from the hit animated TV series! The small-town girl who just moved to the big city has discovered she can talk to animals and understand them. Find out what fun is in store through this adventure that blends reading, watching, and creativity all into one unique experience!

Mr. Potato Head: School Rush
Get ready for a Spud-tacular adventure! Mr. Potato Head stars in his first-ever interactive storybook app -- Mr. Potato Head: School Rush! Designed for early and emerging readers, including a narration block that can be swiped away, children can visit eight fun locations in this thrilling tale that encourages early literacy, creativity, and imaginative play skills.

My Little Pony: Story Creator
Practice early literacy skills through guided imaginative play! Children will create their own animated story starring Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack! Choose favorite characters, props, and locations in Equestria and of course, it can’t be a MY LITTLE PONY tele-tale without some drama and friendship problems to solve. This app also features key foes, including the mighty Tirek, the redeemed Discord, and “The Great and Powerful” Trixie.

PlayDoh: ABCs
A delightfully interactive and educational app designed to help develop the essential skills required for reading and writing! Children will learn to recognize and write letters using proper strokes, match letters with corresponding objects, and so much more--using 'virtual' PLAY-DOH to create!

PlayDoh: Seek and Squish
Play-Doh: Seek and Squish is an original storybook featuring friendly animals that are hiding all over a vibrant Play-Doh world. Each entry is filled with fascinating facts about each animal, including what it eats and how it sounds. Readers also learn how to make Play-Doh animals at home with the real modeling compound. Helps users practice early and emergent reading skills while learning about animals.

Tonka: Trucks Around Town
This app allows the little TONKA driver discover the exciting world of TONKA trucks in a whole new way! A combination of "physics fun" and problem solving situations makes each "job" a TONKA adventure. Drive and discover different parts of the town with five of the most popular TONKA vehicles, each highly detailed with workable features.

Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Island
The Rescue Dinos have arrived! Two friends of Griffin Rock Rescue have gone missing on a mysterious island, but the only person who knows where to find them is refusing to help! The latest TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS interactive storybook app suits up the reader as the Rescue Team’s newest cadet and puts them at the center of the action, working with the Rescue Bots to save their friends and “roar to the rescue” in their new dinosaur forms! Encourages early and emergent readers to develop new vocabulary, expand early reading skills and increase reading comprehension. Helps develop teamwork and problem-solving with a group.

Transformers Rescue Bots: Sky Forest Rescue
The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS have landed…in their first-ever interactive storybook app! When a new Sky Forest tower is constructed in Griffin Rock, the city finds itself under attack by ravenous plants! It’s time for the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS to roll to the rescue! This is an interactive storybook adventure that puts early and emerging readers at the center of the action on every page. Includes Read to me and Read along modes. Provides exciting opportunities for young readers to develop problem-solving skills, learn how to be a team member while solving challenges, understand the importance and value of every team member’s contribution. Aids emergent and early literacy by expanding early reading skills, increasing reading comprehension, and learning new vocabulary. Assists young readers’ critical transition from learning to read to reading to learn.


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ISBN: 9781987144598
SKU#: LP001409
Audience: Pre-K, Kindergarten
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Pack Type: Theme-Based
Warning: Choking Hazard
Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.