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Mega-Sized Math Adventures!, 3rd ed.

Mega-Sized Math Adventures!, 3rd ed.

Math SuperPack - Ages 5+

Kids dive deep into a world of math adventures that will help them develop confidence, learn new skills, master addition and subtraction, and so much more!

- This SuperPack contains 2X as many apps as the standard Launchpad
- Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
- Learn to tell time
- Explore money math

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

Animal Second Grade Math Games for Kids
Join Emma in an all new adventure as she helps Oleg the Owl, Chloe the Fox, and all her animal friends to complete over 100 second grade math challenges and find their way through the forest! Children can practice algebraic thinking, signs and operations, equations, word problems, and much more.

ATM Simulator - Kids Money
ATM Simulator - Money, Cash, Checking Account & ATM Games & Simulator makse learning about ATM transactions fun! ATM simulator allows you to apply for a checking account, & pretend to use an ATM machine to take out money, deposit cash, and get daily bonuses to keep your balance in check!

Awesome 1st Grade Math
Children take on the role of a personalized superhero who can save the city with their combination of learning and powers. Designed with a customized curriculum path, Kid Awesome 1st Grade Math assures kids are presented with critical material at the right speed and level.

Kids Telling Time
Children will practice setting time on both digital and analog clocks. Travel through four rooms of a house filled with clocks and help Ticky the Mouse collect the cheese by telling time.

Learning tables is fun
Who said math can't be fun! Children will be entertained while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!

Lucky's Math Game
Learn mathematics with Lucky beginning with addition and advance to multiplication.

Marble Math Junior
An award winning game that motivates kids to practice math! Drag or roll the marble to collect answers within the math maze and advance to the next level. Focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication to 100, shape recognition, and telling time, children can customize their own gameplay.

Math Jungle : Kindergarten
A fun game to motivate children to improve their math skills! Help the monkey collect bananas by solving math problems along the way and score points!

Math Planet Grade 1
Math Planet was designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and has been tested in hundreds of classrooms. Math Planet’s fun and addictive math games are the perfect way to improve and hone math skills.

Money Addition
Learn and practice whole number and decimal addition by adding money in different denominations (US dollars).

Money Subtraction
Learn and practice whole number and decimal subtraction concepts by calculating money in different denominations (US dollars).

Monster Numbers: Math for Kids
Run, jump, count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide to win. Children will need to come to Tob the squirrel's rescue in the world of Monster Numbers by playing a game and going on a learning adventure!

Monsters Matching
Kids will be entertained while improving motor skills. Find the matching pair of monsters and hear their spooky sounds.

Second Grade Learning Games
10 fun and educational games to help your child learn 2nd grade lessons! Teach them multiplication, money, time, punctuation, spelling, and more. A math, language, and critical thinking skills are all tested and practiced in these games.

TableTots Teacher
From counting and basic math, to sounding out vowels and phonics, TableTots lets you create your own highly-individualized lesson plans and curriculum using elements from the popular Tots Education Series. Teach quantities with base-10 counting blocks, create simple math problems to solve, or build a word and tap the screen to hear the phonics and sounds of vowels and consonants.

Telling Time with the Smurfs
Telling time is a Smurftastic skill to have! LEARN, PRACTICE, READ and PLAY with the Smurfs in the new deluxe storybook experience with fun activities. This App offers a unique and easy way to teach young learners how to read a clock face, understand the difference between analog and digital clocks, and tell time.

Tickety Toc Bubble Time
Follow Tommy and Tallulah as they discover a big pot of bubble mixture and blow a GIANT bubble.

Wonder Bunny Math: Kindergarten
Wonder Bunny Math Race helps your children to learn numbers, counting and basic math while racing with cute bunnies!

Roll the dice and collect your scores. You can re-roll up to two times and hold any dice you want to keep. When done, choose your score box to enter your points or place a zero if you don’t have a match. Collect dice with all the same numbers to win Yatzy!

Zap Zap Math
Introduce your child to a beautiful universe of fun math games and discover what happens when kids fall in love with math.

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ISBN: 9781669639275
SKU#: LP002680
Genre: Math
Release Date: Jan. 28, 2022
Featured Collection: Math for K-6th
Pack Type: SuperPacks
Warning: Choking Hazard
Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.