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Kindergarten Common Core Math - Volume 2

Kindergarten Common Core Math - Volume 2

Kindergarten - Lessons 11-20

Kids will improve their subtraction and addition operations, applying them to numbers up to 9, using these proven touch manipulatives. Spoken instructions and audio-visual feedback gently guide children's learning as they make their way through these interactive games, lessons, and animations.

- Practice quantitative thinking concepts including fewer or fewest
- Subtract numbers up to 5
- Count and add numbers up to 9
- Subtract 0 or 1 from numbers up to 9

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

Kindergarten Lesson 11 - Fewer Amount
Compare two quantities with discrete amounts, liquids, lengths, and weights to determine which is less. Compare events at two different times to determine the earlier time. This develops children's quantitative thinking and lays the foundation for learning subtraction.

Kindergarten Lesson 12 - Subtract to 5
Learn to subtract numbers up to 5 using picnic foods as manipulatives. 10-frames of s'mores and pegs are used to visualize the solution to simple subtraction sentences. Kids draw on a clothes number line to develop their number sense and understanding of operations.

Kindergarten Lesson 13 - Mental (-) to 5
Practice subtracting numbers up to 5 mentally, advancing from gummy bears to cubes as representations. Kids pop bubbles in an underwater theme and determine which subtraction equations represent the difference between two items. This lesson develops kids mental math muscle.

Kindergarten Lesson 14 - Numbers 6 to 9
Build upon previous lessons by counting up to 9 with the opporunityu to identify numerals by popping bubbles in a bubble bath theme and playing a numbers maze. Count discrete items by moving manipulatives on the screen and use a simulated tape measure to determine the length of ribbons, bookmarks and pencils.

Kindergarten Lesson 15 - 0 or 1 More to 9
Kids fill the treasure box and then add on by 0 or 1 to practice addition for sums up to 9. 10-frames help kids match ice cubes with their correct addition sequences. These exercises help kids start at a number greater than 0 and count on from that number building their understanding of addition.

Kindergarten Lesson 16 - 2 More to 9
Kids add on by 2 using picnic foods and ice cream cones to solve addition sums under 9. Kids use 10-frames of s'mores and pegs to find the correct addition sentence. These exercises allow kids to count forward beginning from a given number further building their number sense.

Kindergarten Lesson 17 - Add to 9 (a)
Ramp up addition operations by adding on by 3, 4, or 5. Kids use pirate treasures, party hats, and cubes as manipulatives to add two numbers up to 9. The game of hanging monkeys on a vine teaches kids to add numbers by drawing on a number line.

Kindergarten Lesson 18 - Add to 9 (b)
Become sophisticated at addition by adding on by 6, 7, or 8 by using food and desserts to practice addition. Hanging clothes on a number line game allows students to count forward from a known number by drawing on a number line to reinforce the count sequence.

Kindergarten Lesson 19 - Fewest Amount
Kids compare three quantities with discrete amounts, liquids, lengths, and weights to determine which is least. They apply their knowledge of numbers to compare events at two different times and determine the earlier time developing quantitative sense.

Kindergarten Lesson 20 - 0 or 1 Less to 9
Practice subtraction by taking away 0 or 1 from a given number. By moving manipulatives into and out of a box, kids act out the written subtraction sentences. 10-frames using pegs, ice cubes, and s'mores will help kids visualize the solution to subtraction sentences.

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Release Date: Nov. 1, 2017
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