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Kindergarten Common Core Math - Volume 1

Kindergarten Common Core Math - Volume 1

Kindergarten - Lessons 1-10

Kids will improve their understanding of quantitative thinking, numbers, and addition using these proven touch manipulatives. Spoken instructions and audio-visual feedback gently guide children's learning as they make their way through these interactive games, lessons, and animations.

- Complete shape puzzles and patterns
- Practice quantitative thinking concepts including more and most
- Count and add numbers up to 5
- Learn commutative property and multi-operand sums up to 5

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

Kindergarten Lesson 10 - Multi-op +
Build upon simple math sums by adding 3 numbers. Kids gather picnic items in a box and weigh objects on simulated weighing scales to find sums under 5. Number line sequences and 10-frames visually connect equations with quantities. These exercises build understanding of addition as putting together and adding on.

Kindergarten Lesson 1 - Puzzles
Build spatial foundation and have fun with geometry by learning the shapes of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and more. Match and fill in shapes to reveal fun designs. Find the missing shape within AB pattern sequences.

Kindergarten Lesson 2 - More Amount
Kids develop quantitative thinking by comparing two quantities with discrete amounts, liquids, lengths, and weights to determine which is more. They compare events at two different times to determine the later time.

Kindergarten Lesson 3 - Numbers 0 to 3
Identify and learn numbers from 0-3 by counting discrete items by moving manipulatives such as apples and watermelons on the screen. Use an on-screen tape measure to determine the length of ribbons, bookmarks and pencils. Reinforce number identification by playing an ant farm maze game.

Kindergarten Lesson 4 - Numbers 0 to 5
Continue to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities by counting and moving picnic items such as burgers and rolls on the screen. Apply numbers to the measurement of the length of items in discrete units. Match written numerals with the quantities represented in 10-frames.

Kindergarten Lesson 5 - Patterns
Learn shapes such as diamond, heart, semi-circle, crescent, star and more. Use logical thinking to determine the missing shape within an ABC pattern. Create composite animals and toys designs by combining basic shapes. Find the missing number within playful number sequence train to strengthen counting.

Kindergarten Lesson 6 - Most Amount
Develop quantitative thinking further by comparing three quantities with discrete amounts, liquids, lengths, and weights to determine which is most. Apply the understanding of numbers to determine the later of two different times represented on both analog and digital clocks.

Kindergarten Lesson 7 - Add to 5
Learn to add sums up to 5 with yummy food such as apples, burgers, and cupcakes. Manipulate cubes to add two numbers on a base-10 grid or match items on a 10-frame with its number sentence. These fun manipulatives help kids understand the concept of addition.

Kindergarten Lesson 8 - Commutative +
Learn the Commutative Property of Addition by adding sums up to 5. These tactile exercises reinforce the concept that numbers can be added in any order. Comparing items on a 10-frame with its number sentence helps kids to begin developing strategies for mental math.

Kindergarten Lesson 9 - Mental + to 5
This lesson has kids using gummy bears, number lines, and bubble pop to practice mental math. Kids feed gummy bears to the monster, and use mental addition both to determine missing numbers within a sequence and to pop bubbles in an underwater theme. These mental math exercises encourage kids to build addition strategies.

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ISBN: 9781509464746
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Genre: Math
Release Date: Nov. 1, 2017
Featured Collection: Math for K-6th
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Warning: Choking Hazard
Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.