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Blacklisted by History

Blacklisted by History

The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight against America's Enemies

Author: M. Stanton Evans
Narrator: Tom Weiner

Accused of creating a bogus Red scare and smearing countless innocent victims in a five-year reign of terror, Senator Joseph McCarthy is universally remembered as a demagogue, a bully, and a liar. History has judged him such a loathsome figure that even today, a half-century after his death, his name remains synonymous with witch hunts. But that conventional image is all wrong, as veteran journalist and author M. Stanton Evans reveals in this groundbreaking book. The long-awaited Blacklisted by History, based on six years of intensive research, dismantles the myths surrounding Joe McCarthy and his campaign to unmask Communists, Soviet agents, and flagrant loyalty risks working within the U.S. government. Evans' revelations completely overturn our understanding of McCarthy, McCarthyism, and the Cold War.


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ISBN: 9781441773074
SKU#: 13472
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Genre: History
Duration: 23:05:00
Release Date: Nov. 1, 2010
Language: English