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Alexander of Macedonia - The World Conquered

Alexander of Macedonia - The World Conquered

Author: Robin Lane Fox
Narrator: The Professor

Alexander the Great is the most famous king and conqueror known in the ancient world. In his lifetime, he was given honors equal to those of the gods. After his death, he became a legend and the “Alexander Romance” became the best-selling fiction of the medieval world. Esteemed Professor Robin Lane Fox has made the study of Alexander of Macedon the focus of his brilliant career. In these lectures, Professor Fox answers questions about Alexander that have percolated throughout history: Why did Alexander succeed? What was he like? How did he change the world and its history?


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ISBN: 9781440782893
SKU#: 62792
Publisher: Recorded Books
Genre: History
Duration: 08:14:08
Release Date: June 1, 2010
Language: English