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2nd Grade Common Core Math - Volume 5

2nd Grade Common Core Math - Volume 5

2nd Grade - Lessons 41-50

2nd graders will develop numbers sense with these multi-media interactive exercised and simulated manipulatives that connect math to the real world. Math 2nd Grade covers the full math curriculum and works to build children's conceptual understanding, which is critical for building problem-solving skills. Lessons 41-50 introduce multiplication and teach kids to apply math to organizing data, handling money, and telling time.

- Learn multiplication up to 5 times 5
- Add and subtract money with coins
- Create horizontal and vertical picture and bar graphs
- Practice one-half, one-third, and one-fourth fractions

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

2nd Grade Lesson 41 - Multiply up to 3X3
Learn mutiplication as repeated addition. Kids multiply small numbers (1, 2, 3) using treats and treasures as manipulatives. They visualize multiplication as repeated addition using chocolate chips on cookies and as arrays using stamps.

2nd Grade Lesson 42 - Multiply up to 5X5
Practice multiplying numbers under 5 using 0, 4, 5. Kids use repeated addition to manipulate treasures, treats, and decorate chocolate chip cookies. They visualize multiplication arrays in a stamp decoration game.

2nd Grade Lesson 43 - Money
Play a shopping game to buy toys using coins in 1, 5, 10, and 25 denomination to pay for various items. This lesson shows how 100 coins convert to a dollar to reinforce the understanding of place value.

2nd Grade Lesson 44 - Add or Sub Money
Add and subtract coins in this shopping game. Kids add up money to buy multiple toys and subtract to return change to the customer and apply their knowledge of addition and subtraction to practical use of handling money.

2nd Grade Lesson 45 - Time
In this 2nd Grade time lesson, kids extend their ability to tell time to the nearest five minutes on analog and digital clocks. These exercises help students make connections between skip counting by 5s and telling time to the nearest five minutes on an analog clock. Sequencing fun events help kids determine if the time is in the morning (a.m.) or in the afternoon/evening (p.m).

2nd Grade Lesson 46 - Horizontal Graphs
In this lesson, kids use graphs to represent and interpret data by sorting fun data (bugs, toys, treats) and answer questions based on the data regarding total numbers, and more or less. Kids will engage in quantitative comparison using concrete examples.

2nd Grade Lesson 47 - Vertical Graphs
Learn to read vertical graphs. Kids will interpret data in a different way by stacking the data vertically. Some exercises require the kids organize the data in bundles and count by groups of 5 and 10.

2nd Grade Lesson 48 - 2D and 3D Shapes
Introduces quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon and octagon shapes! Kids pick shapes to provide fuel for the spacecraft, match shapes to objects, and complete shape patterns. They identify the shapes from different perspectives and orientations, in order to develop the foundational knowledge for geometry.

2nd Grade Lesson 49 - Fractions
In these exercises, kids build upon 1st grade fractions by partitioning circles, squares, and rectangles into equal halves, thirds and fourths. Kids also pour liquids into a simulated measuring cup, applying fractions to measurements.

2nd Grade Lesson 50 - Logic
Kids use elimination logic to fill in missing shapes to solve the puzzles. The puzzles require each shape once in every row, column, and square. Contextual hints help students learn and apply the rules.


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