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2nd Grade Common Core Math - Volume 2

2nd Grade Common Core Math - Volume 2

2nd Grade - Lessons 11-20

2nd graders will develop number sense with these multi-media interactive exercises and simulated manipulatives that connect math to the real world. Math 2nd Grade covers the full math curriculum and works to build children's conceptual understanding, which is critical for building problem-solving skills. In lessons 11 to 20, kids practice mentally subtracting numbers up to 20 and apply place values to add bigger numbers.

- Fluently subtract numbers up to 20
- Subtraction equations and word problems
- Add up to 100 using place values
- Compose 10 to add up to 100

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

2nd Grade Lesson 11 - Mental (-) up to 20 (a)
Practice mental subtraction with small numbers! Kids subtract less than 5 from numbers under 20. The familar exercises using gummy bears, ice cream scoops, and trampoline jumps build upon previous mental subtraction lessons. By practicing mental subtraction, kids will create automaticity for basic math equations.

2nd Grade Lesson 12 - Mental (-) up to 20 (b)
Continue to develop mental subtraction skills. Kids continue to subtract numbers under 5 from bigger numbers. These exercises include sequencing numbers in a flower garden, helping the little penguin jump forwards and backwards, and popping bath bubbles.

2nd Grade Lesson 13 - Equivalent Equations (-)
Build math understanding by rebalancing subtraction sentences. Kids manipulate treasure chest items, flick marbles on a board, and count food items to find an equivalent equation. These exercises allow kids to work with near-10 and near-doubles problems.

2nd Grade Lesson 14 - Mental (-) up to 20 (c)
These mental subtraction exercises get harder as kids subtract numbers up to 9. The exercises include helping monster find the missing amount of gummy bears, place party hats at a monster birthday party, and more trampoline jumps forward and backwards. By working with mental subtraction of equations under 20, kids will develop a strong foundation.

2nd Grade Lesson 15 - Mental (-) up to 20 (d)
These harder mental subtraction execises require students to subtract larger single numbers from bigger numbers. Kids will use familar games like gummy bears, penguin jump, and bubble pop to solve equations starting at 20. By building gradually from easy to diffcult equations, kids will develop strong skills in mental subtraction.

2nd Grade Lesson 16 - Equations up to 20 (-)
Continue developing number sense by solving for the missing operand in subtraction equations. Kids will solve for the missing numbers in fact family houses and act out word problems using treasures and grocery items. By finding the missing number, they will see the relationship between addition and subtraction.

2nd Grade Lesson 17 - Add or Sub up to 20
This lesson includes addition and subtraction. As a culmination of working with manipulatives, kids use a touch screen to add or subtract numbers in vertical form.

2nd Grade Lesson 18 - Numbers up to 1000
Kids count numbers up to 1000! The math exercises include sequencing numbers in forward and reverse order and finding treasure by following a path through a 100s Chart. Kids will develop counting strategies that build on the understanding of how the numbers in the counting sequence are related.

2nd Grade Lesson 19 - Add Tens and Ones
Add up to 100. Kids add numbers in the ones place and then the tens place value to add two-digit numbers using base-10 sugar cubes and houses. With these math exercises, students visualize the standard algorithm for addition and synthesize previous learning.

2nd Grade Lesson 20 - Compose 10 to Add (a)
Learn regrouping by composing a 10. Kids use cubes and houses to interactively compose a 10. After working with manipulatives to understand the concept, kids will use a touch screen to add numbers in vertical form to apply what they have learned.


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