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2nd Grade Common Core Math - Volume 1

2nd Grade Common Core Math - Volume 1

2nd Grade - Lessons 1-10

2nd graders will develop number sense with these multi-media interactive exercises and simulated manipulatives that connect math to the real world. Math 2nd Grade covers the full math curriculum and works to build children's conceptual understanding, which is critical for building problem-solving skills. Lessons 1-10 develop strategies for fluently adding and subtracting numbers up to 20.

- Use doubles, commutative property, and equivalent equations to fluently add up to 20
- Learn mental math
- Practice subtracting numbers up to 20
- Use doubles to subtract up to 20

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

2nd Grade Lesson 10 - Equations up to 20 (+)
Practice subtraction by working backwards from addition. Kids remove treasures and grocery items to find the missing number. The Fact Family House allows kids to play with numbers and see addition and subtraction as complementary operations.

2nd Grade Lesson 1 - Add Single Digits
Review math fluency by adding single digits. Kids draw on number lines, and move treasures or grocery items to practice adding. By building upon their work in 1st Grade, kids will use various strategies to fluently add and subtract within 20.

2nd Grade Lesson 2 - Commutative + up to 20
Reinforce math skills by applying the Commutative Property of Addition. Kids will use manipulatives to add sums under 20. Exercises include filling ice cream scoops, counting picnic foods, and using an on-screen tape measure to add lengths.

2nd Grade Lesson 3 - Doubles to Add up to 20
Develop additional math strategies by adding on from doubles. In this multi-step process, kids will double the amount of beach toys, houses, and weights before adding on by small amounts. Practicing with doubles addition helps kids improve their math fluency.

2nd Grade Lesson 4 - Equivalent Equations (+)
Build upon math understanding by rebalancing addition sentences. Kids place party hats on monsters, decorate cupcakes and manipulate food items to find an easier way to solve the equations. This practice aids in developing strategies for mental addition.

2nd Grade Lesson 5 - Mental Add up to 20 (a)
Practice mental addition! Kids must choose items to obtain a certain sum. In the penguin game, kids must place trampolines at strategic spots on the number line to get him to the pool. Practicing mental addition helps kids to create automaticity for basic math equations.

2nd Grade Lesson 6 - Mental Add up to 20 (b)
These mental addition exercises increase in difficulty. Kids add larger numbers to get to a sum under 20. The trampoline game becomes harder as kids must scroll through an increasing number line to get the penguin to the pool.

2nd Grade Lesson 7 - Subtract up to 20 (a)
In this subtraction lesson, kids subtract small numbers to practice subtraction equations under 20. The exercises include familar concepts such as manipulating picnic foods, sequencing numbers on the clothesline, and subtracting lengths of items. These exercises provide practice in understanding how items can separated through subtraction using objects, pictures and words.

2nd Grade Lesson 8 - Subtract up to 20 (b)
In this follow-up subtraction lesson, kids subtract larger single digit numbers to practice subtraction equations under 20. The exercises include moving bakery treats, drawing on monkey vines, and subtracting lengths.

2nd Grade Lesson 9 - Doubles to Subtract
Use doubles, this time with subtraction. Kids manipulate items to split them into equal groups, then subtract by 1 more. By working with houses, cubes, and weights, kids have a visual clue on how to split numbers equally to provide a foundation for counting backwards and dividing.


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