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1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 4

1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 4

1st Grade - Lessons 31-40

1st graders will master big-kid math concepts with these virtual manipulatives and touch-based games. Math 1st Grade covers the full math curriculum for first grade with 40 lessons. Lessons 31-40 teach kids how to use place values to add big numbers and includes fun lessons on money, time, graphs, and fractions.

- Practice adding tens and ones to add up to 100
- Tell time to the half-hour
- Learn about data organization using pictographs
- Practice one-half and one-quarter fractions

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

1st Grade Lesson 31 - Add Ones up to 100
Take a two digit number and add on by single digits to reach a sum up to 100. Kids will use manipulatives such as sugar cubes to create sugar structures. The advanced exercises allow kids to add in a vertical format. This lesson incoporates tens and ones value, with operations that are done only in the ones place value.

1st Grade Lesson 32 - Add Tens up to 100
In this lesson, kids practice adding in the tens place value only. Manipulatives provide a concrete representation of what is being added and 100s charts provide vertical movement through multiples of 10. Kids will be able to practice two math strategies: the property of addition and counting on by multiples of 10.

1st Grade Lesson 33 - Add Tens and Ones
This lesson builds up on previous learning by having kids add two numbers in both the tens and ones place value to reach a sum under 99. Houses and sugar cubes help them visualize base-10 addition..

1st Grade Lesson 34 - Compose Ten
This lesson introduces composing numbers at the ones place value. Kids move 10 ones using touch to see how single items compose a 10. This lesson continues to build number sense so kids can understand the order of the numbers and their relative magnitude.

1st Grade Lesson 35 - Sub Tens up to 100
This lesson has kids subtracting by multiples of 10. The exercises introduce subtraction only in the tens place value and provides reinforcement that it is the same as decreasing by bundles of 10. The games include manipulatives, number lines, and solving problems in vertical form.

1st Grade Lesson 36 - Greater or Less up to 100
Kids compare two numbers up to 100 and determine their relative value to each other using >,=, < symbols. Games include feeding the bigger number to the alligator, helping Monster find his way out of a cave, and plucking scrolling numbers.

1st Grade Lesson 37 - Money
Play a shopping game to buy toys using coins in 1, 5 and 10 denomination to pay for various items. This lesson shows a practical use of numbers that also works with ones and tens to apply the understanding of place value.

1st Grade Lesson 38 - Time
Learn to tell time on digital and analog clocks to the half hour. These interactive exercises allow kids to move the hour and minute hands of clocks to set a time. The feedback cues will help kids to fix their answer until they get it right.

1st Grade Lesson 39 - Graphs
Use graphs to represent and interpret data! Sort fun data (bugs, toys, treats) on a pictograph and answer questions based on the data regarding total numbers, and more or less. Kids will engage in quantitative comparison using concrete examples.

1st Grade Lesson 40 - Fractions
This lesson introduces fractions! Kids partition circles, squares, and rectangles into equal halves and fourths and pour liquids into a simulated measuring cup to understand parts of a whole to build a foundation for future fraction learning.

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