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1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 3

1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 3

1st Grade - Lessons 21-30

1st Graders will master big-kid math concepts with these virtual manipulatives and touch-based games. math 1st Grade covers the full math curriculum for first grade with 40 lessons. Lessons 21-30 step kids up to subtracting bigger numbers and understanding place values to represent bigger numbers.

- Subtract numbers up to 20
- Explore fact families and word problems up to 20
- Learn greater-than and less-than symbols
- Master numbers and place values up to 100

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

1st Grade Lesson 21 - Subtract up to 20 (a)
This lesson moves beyond single digit subtraction. Kids use food and object lengths to subtract numbers up to 5 from 2 digit numbers where the difference is 10 or less. Kids build upon their prior work with small numbers to develop meaning for the operation of subtraction.

1st Grade Lesson 22 - Subtract up to 20 (b)
This lesson moves beyond single digit subtraction. Kids use objects and lengths to subtract numbers up to 5 from 2 digit numbers where the difference is 10 or more. These exercises allow kids to compare situations to develop meaning for the operation of subtraction and to develop strategies to solve arithmetic problems with this operation.

1st Grade Lesson 23 - Multi-op Sub up to 20
Increase fluency in subtraction operations with multiple operands. In these exercises, kids subtract discrete quantities of beach toys, draw on number lines, and balance the scale with multiple weights. These exercises help kids to demonstrate understanding of how objects can be separated through multiple subtraction steps.

1st Grade Lesson 24 - Make 10 to Sub up to 20
Students will learn the value of using 10 as a benchmark number for subtracting. Kids practice mental math strategies by balancing a seesaw. These exercises help kids visualize how to break apart and solve a subtraction problem. By cultivating their flexibility in thinking, their brains become attuned to looking for patterns while solving math problems.

1st Grade Lesson 25 - Sub Doubles up to 20
Use doubles to subtract! Beach toys and candy are used to visualize splitting a number into equal doubles. Subtracting with jars of gummy bears and balancing a seesaw with weights provide a mental math component. These math strategies will help kids learn to be flexible in solving math facts fluently.

1st Grade Lesson 26 - Equations up to 20
Continue building math fluency by solving addition equations under 20. Kids use soccer balls as manipulatives to find the missing number. They work with fact family equations under 20 to see the relationship between numbers, using addition and subtraction. Kids will develop addition fluency given the various strategies they use to solve these word problems.

1st Grade Lesson 27 - Greater or Less up to 20
Kids compare two numbers up to 20 and determine their relative value to each other using >,=, < symbols. Games in this lesson include feeding the bigger number to the alligator, helping Monster find his way out of a cave, and plucking scrolling numbers.

1st Grade Lesson 28 - Numbers up to 100
In this lesson, kids extend their count sequence of numbers up to 100. Math games include sequencing numbers in forward and reverse order and finding treasure by following a path through a 100s Chart. Kids will develop accurate counting strategies that build on the understanding of how the numbers in the counting sequence are related.

1st Grade Lesson 29 - Skip Count by 10
Count forward by groups of 10. Kids engage in fun connect-the-dot exercises that reveal a picture and will help a frog jump across lily pads. By practicing counting in groups, kids will build number sense and view whole numbers between 10 and 100 in terms of tens and ones.

1st Grade Lesson 30 - Place Values up to 100
Continue learning about place values! In these games, kids place tens and ones on 10-grids to compose a number up to 99. The exercises visually show how numbers relate to tens and ones to help kids build a solid foundation for place value understanding.

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