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1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 2

1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 2

1st Grade - Lessons 11-20

1st graders will master big-kid math concepts with these virtual manipulatives and touch-based games. Math 1st Grade covers the full math curriculum for first grade with 40 lessons. Lessons 11-20 gradually step kids up to adding bigger numbers while developing number sense.

- Add 2 or 3 numbers up to 20
- Master the commutative property for sums up to 20
- Make 10 and doubles to add up to 20
- Learn about shapes and spatial thinking

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

1st Grade Lesson 11 - Place Values up to 20
This lesson introduces place values! In these games, a bundle of ten ones is called “a ten”. Kids construct numbers up to 20 using cubes, 10-frames, and gummy bears. There are ample opportunities for kids to manipulate a variety of groupable materials to create tens and break apart tens.

1st Grade Lesson 12 - Add Single Digit (a)
Practice addition fluency by adding on by a single digit. Fun manipulatives are used in a variety of games to add on. Matching 10-frames with their addition equation will help students connect visual and numerical representations.

1st Grade Lesson 13 - Add Single Digit (b)
Practice addition fluency by adding single digit numbers for sums more than 10. These exercises demonstrate how individual units can compose and decompose into tens. Kids will explore the idea that the teen numbers (11 to 19) can be expressed as one ten and some leftover ones.

1st Grade Lesson 14 - Add up to 20 (a)
Extend addition skills by adding with place values. Kids use food items, number sequences, and 10-frames to add on from two digit numbers. These experiences broaden the methods they use to add within this larger range of numbers.

1st Grade Lesson 15 - Add up to 20 (b)
Now, kids use the methods of counting on and making ten to solve problems. These exercises, manipulating grocery items and drawing on monkey vine themed number lines, move kids toward strategies that focus on combining numbers using ten as a benchmark number.

1st Grade Lesson 16 - Commutative + up to 20
Apply properties of operations as strategies to add! Kids will use the Commutative Property of Addition to manipulate visual quantities of food items, houses, ribbons and more.

1st Grade Lesson 17 - Multi-op + up to 20
Increase addition fluency and strengthen understanding of whole number relationships and place value. Kids practice strategies for adding multiple numbers using beach themes and base-10 cubes. They determine weights of food items using multi-operand addition.

1st Grade Lesson 18 - Make 10 to Add up to 20
Reinforce place value to build foundational math knowledge. Kids use discrete grocery items and length-based objects to make 10 before adding on. The strategy of making 10 provides kids with the ability to solve more complex math equations in the future.

1st Grade Lesson 19 - Add Doubles up to 20
Improve math proficiency by using addition strategies! Kids add doubles of numbers by combining treasures in a chest and balancing weights on a teeter-totter. By practicing this addition strategy, kids will have another method when solving a task.

1st Grade Lesson 20 - Shapes & Space
Introduces 3D shapes and spatial reasoning! Kids move objects within a landscape, play a space game to identify 3D shapes, and combine basic shapes to construct a design. As they combine shapes, they recognize them from different perspectives and orientations, in order to develop the foundational knowledge for geometry.


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