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1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 1

1st Grade Common Core Math - Volume 1

1st Grade - Lessons 1-10

1st graders will master big-kid math concepts with these virtual manipulatives and touch-based games. Math 1st Grade covers the full math curriculum for first grade with 40 lessons. Lessons 1-10 provide practice for addition, subtraction, and more.

- Count numbers up to 20
- Fluently add or subtract up to 10
- Master multi-operation addition or subtraction up to 10
- Learn Equations and commutative property up to 10

This Launchpad contains the following apps:

1st Grade Lesson 10 - Multi-op Sub up to 10
Kids use various counting strategies, such as counting back and balancing a scale to subtract multiple operands. The exercises provide ample opportunity to practice different ways to arriving at the solution. Kids see a variety of mathematical representations of subtracting mutiple numbers.

1st Grade Lesson 1 - Numbers up to 20
In this first lesson, kids revise their understanding of numbers up to 20. Math games include: counting as you throw soccer balls into a net, sequencing numbers in forward and reverse order, and navigating a number maze.

1st Grade Lesson 2 - Add up to 10
Kids practice adding single numbers up to 10 by counting manipulatives within fun beach toy themes. Fill ice cream cones with different flavors, and place addition sentences on a clothes line to follow the number sequence.

1st Grade Lesson 3 - Commutative + up to 10
Apply properties of operations as strategies to add! Kids use the Commutative Property of Addition to fill treasure chests and place party hats within base-10 grids. These exercises help develop strategies for mental math.

1st Grade Lesson 4 - Multi-op + up to 10
Increase fluency in addition operations by adding multiple operands. Kids use food items to count on and play a scale game that has kids adding weights in order to find the weight of the toy. This helps to reinforce the meaning of the equal sign and allows kids to practice strategies for addition.

1st Grade Lesson 5 - Mental + up to 10
Kids perform mental math using single addition problems to extend their fluency for addition. Games include choosing the appropriate numbers of gummy bears, adding flowers to a number sequence row, measuring the length of items, and popping bubbles in an engaging bubble bath game. Kids are able to use relationships between and among numbers to solve problems.

1st Grade Lesson 6 - Subtract up to 10
This simple subtraction lesson allows kids to quickly review subtraction equations under 10. The exercises include familar concepts such as manipulating picnic foods, sequencing numbers with hanging monkeys, and subtracting lengths of items. These exercises provide practice in understanding how items can separated through subtraction using objects, pictures and words.

1st Grade Lesson 7 - Mental (-) up to 10 (a)
Practice mental math by quickly subtracting numbers. Kids play familiar games to find missing numbers, place houses on the street, subtract the length of items, and pop bubbles. By repeatedly using strategies that make sense to them, kids will internalize facts and develop fluency for subtraction within 10.

1st Grade Lesson 8 - Mental (-) up to 10 (b)
Kids practice mental math by subtracting numbers where the sum is under 10. These exercises include solving for missing numbers, measuring and subtracting lengths, and using weights on a balance scale to solve a subtraction problem. By demonstrating within 10, kids build their foundation for basic math facts.

1st Grade Lesson 9 - Equations up to 10
Continue building basic math fluency and develop number sense by solving addition equations to make a number under 10. Kids find the missing number in the equation, work with fact family equations to see the relationship between numbers, and solve for missing numbers on a teeter-totter.


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