NIV Audio Bible Dramatized - The New Testament

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized - The New Testament

New International Version

Hands-down the finest audio bible you can own. The NIV Audio Bible is more than a Bible you listen to. It's an experience that helps you enter into God's Word... so God's Word can enter into you. * The New Testament Complete and unabridged, on Playaway. * New International Version Most Read. Most Trusted. * Multiple-Voice Dramatization with world-class narration and colorful, true-to-the-text character renderings. * Fully Orchestrated Background with sound effects provides maximum enhancement of the text reading. * Brief Book Introductions Digital Engineering delivers the ultimate in clarity and listening enjoyment. * Track Breaks At Every Chapter make finding and keeping your place as easy as hitting fast forward or reverse.
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  • ISBN: 9781598956641
  • SKU#: 1234
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Audience: Adult
  • Genre: Religious & Spiritual
  • Abridgement: Unabridged
  • Duration: 19:00:23
  • Release Date: December 11, 2006


  • Audie Award Winner