Playaway Launchpad FAQ

What is Playaway Launchpad?
Playaway Launchpad is the first-ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet created just for children in a circulation environment. Each Launchpad is pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free learning apps grouped by age, grade level, subject area and theme.
What are the benefits of this tablet?
Playaway Launchpad addresses the pain points of general use tablets. With a one-touch reset feature, Launchpad is always shelf ready and requires low staff maintenance. It is 100% secure, eliminating the risk that children are exposed to unintended content and is durable enough to withstand multiple users. And starting at $99, Launchpad is cost-effective tablet solution and includes everything you need to build a collection.
What are the device specs?
  • 7” high-definition touch-screen is the perfect size for kids
  • Protective bumper ensures device durability and easy grip for little hands
  • Runs an Android OS for an intuitive user experience
  • Secure and locked down without camera or Wi-Fi access for a safe experience
  • USB/AC power adapter allows for easy charging
  • External speaker and universal audio jack
What type of content is available?
Each Launchpad is custom curated with a high-quality, ad-free app pack. App packs are grouped by age, grade level, subject area and theme. Subject area packs include English language arts, math, science, language learning, critical thinking and creativity. Themed learning packs include princesses, animals, transportation, dinosaurs, space and more. Each pack has at least 10 apps pre-loaded for learning and fun.
What is the parent console?
The parent console visually summarizes how time is spent on the device according to 6 different learning areas. It also highlights the top 3 apps played.
What is the battery life and charging time required?
The battery lasts 4.5 continuous play hours and takes approximately 4 hours to fully re-charge from a dead battery with a wall charger and 6 hours via USB cord. Don’t worry, you can enjoy the tablet while it is charging and it can even be charged in the car.
How will I know how much battery life is left?
The battery indicator can be viewed at the top right of home screen. The battery indicator is displayed as green when charging and when the remaining battery is at 15% or higher. The battery indicator is displayed as red when the remaining battery life is low and under 15%. A pop-up message will also appear indicating low battery life.
Can I reset data on the tablet?
There is a one touch reset button when you first turn the tablet on making it easy and low maintenance for staff or a new user. This reset button will clear all device and app data for a fresh start.
What type of packaging does this come in for circulation?
Playaway Launchpad comes in a durable, shelf-ready portfolio case. It shows full title information, includes a handle for easy carrying. A locked security case is also available to protect each Launchpad tablet.
How do I order Playaway Launchpad tablets?
Browse all the great content and submit an order online at You can also contact your Findaway sales representative or submit orders to Customer Service via email at or phone 877-893-0808.
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