Playaway Bookpacks - Warranty + Returns

We are 100% committed to our products and our customers. All Playaways included in Playaway Bookpacks are shipped with a one year limited warranty. In addition, a Product Replacement Program is available for all Playaway units with expired warranties.

Other Playaway Bookpack components can be replaced using our Product Replacement Program.

Playaway One-Year Limited Warranty

Playaway units that are less than a year old are eligible for warranty return*.

To determine if your unit is still under warranty, open the battery case and look for the colored label.

If your Playaway has a yellow or blue label, it is still under warranty and can be sent back for replacement at no cost

If your Playaway has a white label, it is out of warranty, but is eligible for our Product Replacement Program.

**Product warranty is not valid if damage to the Playaway® product is due to a non-manufacturing defect (See full policy for details.)

Full Warranty Policy

Warranty Return Form

Product Replacement Program

You can order replacement items at a discounted price for product out of warranty or damage due to a non-manufacturing defect. Please note that this applies for purchases made directly from Findaway. If you have purchased your product elsewhere, please contact your distributor for their returns process.

To replace Playaway units included in Playaway Bookpacks, please use the Playaway Product Replacement form.

To replace all other Bookpack components, including books and cases, please utilize the replacement form specific to Playaway Bookpacks.

Product Replacement Form - Playaway

Product Replacement Form - Playaway Bookpacks

Bookpack Replacement - Book pricing list