Playaway Bookpacks FAQ

What are Playaway Bookpacks?
Playaway Bookpacks are Playaway all-in-one audiobooks packaged with print books to deliver a fun and educational read-along experience for people at every age and reading level.
What type of content is available?
We have more than 450 titles currently available on Playaway bookpacks and our content selection spans everything from best sellers to award-winning content, common core titles and more. Bookpacks offer content for people of all ages, including Oxford University Press literacy focused titles for adults.
Do some Bookpacks come with multiple books?
Each Bookpack contain the same number of books as the Playaway included with in it. Some Bookpacks, especially ones for younger children, will have up to 6 books included.
Are there sound prompts on any titles?
Any time a publisher has an audiobook with sound prompts available, we try to include them in the corresponding Bookpack. So, you will find them on many of our early reader titles. If sound prompts included with a particular Bookpack you will see that noted in the title.
Are Bookpacks included in our SOP?
Bookpacks are currently not available as part of Findaway Standing Order Plans.
What type of packaging is available?
You can currently select Bookpacks that come in either a durable hanging bag or a shelf circulation case.
What are the dimensions of the packaging options?

There are two packaging options for Playaway Bookpacks. Choose between our durable hanging bag and our shelf circulation option, the portfolio case.

  • Hanging Bag: L 12 ½ x W 10 ½
  • Portfolio Case: H 10 ½ x W 12 ¼ x D 2
What if there’s a book missing from my BP when it arrives?
If you have any problem with missing Bookpack components, please contact Customer Service.
What if I need to buy extra books for group use?
If you are looking to purchase additional books for a particular Bookpack, please contact your Account Manager.
What do I do if a patron loses a book or if I want to re-order damaged books?
Our product replacement program is the best way to replace books for your Bookpacks. Using the replacement program ensures you get the exact version of the book that corresponds with the audio file. Please submit the following form or contact Customer Service to get started.
What do I do if the audio and print text don't match?
While we try our best to make sure that the print books and audiobooks in Playaway Bookpacks are an exact match, in rare cases it is not possible. If we feel the book is a very close match, it may still be included in our Bookpacks. If you are experiencing any problem with book and audio alignment, please contact our Customer Service department and we will help to resolve the issue.
What type of audio accessories work with the included Playaway?

Playaway was designed with a universal audio jack to work with almost any type of audio accessory including headphones, speakers or car adaptors.

Note: Playaway cannot be heard without an audio accessory plugged into the jack.
Where can I get basic information on how to use Playaway?
More information about using Playaway can be found on our Playaway FAQ page or by watching the video on the Using Playaway page of our site.
If I’m having issues using Playaway, what should I do?
We have some great information in the Tips and Tricks section of our site.

And, as always, our Customer Service team is available to help you with any additional questions. You can call us at (877) 893-0808 or email